Ascension 4e

Into the Keep
First Journaled Session

Having handily defeated the kobold band led by Irontooth and retrieving a chest full of treasure the party returned to Winterhaven…

Upon entering the town they ran into a merchant with a peculiar looking cart and a peg leg. With a heavy lisp, Heggoth introduced himself and offered his services. Seraphina negotiated a deal(21% discount) and the group purchased a couple of magical items: Magic Hide Armor(+1) for John and a Wyrmtooth Dagger(+1) for Aktalis. Hearing he would be leaving on the morrow, the party decided to put Heggoth up in town for the next ten days offering him exclusive rights to purchase magic items they recover from the keep. Lily asked after her brother Terrennen to no avail but the merchant promised to keep an eye and ear out for him.

After donating the kobold weapons to the warrior’s guild and selling off the remainder of their spoils the party returned to Wrafton’s Inn where they found most of the patrons milling about nervously. A wizened man beckoned them to the corner of the bar after hearing them mention that the kobold problem had been dealt with. The man, Valthrun the Prescient: a sage and scholar who lives in the top of the ancient tower at the center of town, offered up information about the area. When questioned on the keep and cult activity he asked the party to return to his tower in the morning and excused himself to do some research.

The following morning under gray skies the party visited Valthrun’s tower where they learned of the rift into the shadowfell that lies beneath the keep as well as the story of Sir Keegan and his descent into madness that brought the keep to ruin.

Next was an audience with Lord Padraig to receive the bounty for the kobolds and offer their services in taking on the cult. Padraig agreed to reward them 250 gold pieces for proof of the cult’s demise.

Before leaving town, Seraphina stopped by Bairnwin’s Grand Shoppe and picked up a Lucky Rabbit’s Foot. As they left a light rain began to fall, becoming a downpour by the time the reached the ruins of the old keep. Having found a clear path to a flight of stairs the party descended into the darkness.

Lily was first to reach the base of the stairs where she noticed a lone goblin standing in a doorway across the room. She also noticed something odd about the floor between the four pillars, a stone colored canvas lay over what she assumed was a pit and a faint chittering and squeaking noise could be heard as she moved closer. Acting quickly, the party dispatched the lone goblin, but not before he could shout out to his companions. From the next room a pair of sharpshooters severely wounded Lily with their crossbows. Shanjir Leaped across the suspected pit and charged down the shooters. The goblins retreated back into the barracks room but Aktalis had slipped around through a store room and the party overwhelmed the foes.

Returning to the area around the pillars, John and Seraphina attempted to shove a goblin corpse over the canvassed area between the pillars but tripped over it instead, fell into the pit, and landed on a swarm of rats. The two were joined in the pit by Galad’s spirit companion and slew the rats.

After getting the bard and druid out of the pit, taking a minute to gather their strength, and searching the bodies and rooms, the party chose to leave doors closed and turned right traveling west down a hall then north where the hall widened. With a set of iron doors to the east and a trail of blood between wooden doors to the west and north the party paused a moment to make a decision. Hearing goblin voices to the north they snuck into the west room which turned out to be a storage room with “goblin rations,” an assortment of unidentifiable preserved meats and oddities.

With the voices in the north room getting louder, Shanjir decided to rush into the room to take the goblins by surprise. Around the room were various torture devices; a rack, an iron maiden, and a fire pit with pokers, more goblins, and a hobgoblin torturer in a leather and a mask. The goblins scurried about the room trying to hide under tables and snipe at the party while the torturer strode right up to the paladin and struck him with a burning poker. One of the goblins led Aktalis into a cage then ran out and slammed the cage shut locking her in. From the corridor at the west end of the room a prisoner’s pleas could be heard over the fighting. The torturer leaped onto the rack, continuing to strike Shanjir. John attempted to trip the hobgoblin but instead was disarmed. Seizing an opportunity, Shanjir fastened the rack manacles to the torturers legs, immobilizing him. A dark red aura surrounded the hobgoblin’s armor and nothing seemed to be harming him. Fighting continued until the lesser goblins were dispatched and the torturer knocked prone on the rack. Suspecting ill intention by some of his companions Shanjir slew the torturer instead of allowing him to be tortured.

Aktalis was freed from her cage and the party moved into the west corridor to speak to the prisoner.


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